Offsite Holding Service

One of the best features of solid surface over other products is its ability to be repaired.

Whether due to a design change or damage, in most cases solid surface can be repaired using the same batch material repair piece provided with the job.

Unfortunately in many cases when it comes to doing the alteration/repair the material repair piece provided has gone missing from the site.

To alleviate this problem ProSolid offers an offsite holding service.

We can store a material repair piece of the same batch as your project for a minimum of five years, free of charge. This way you have extra peace of mind that we have some material to fix damage that may occur or alterations needed prior to and following handover of the project.

Upon completion of the project, simply register online by clicking the link below.

Offsite Registration - click here

On this project the client needed to move a computer terminal and fill the cable entry hole.

To achieve a high quality result when altering solid surface like this, it is imperative to have material from the same batch.

Offsite Holding

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